For Honor Gets New Marching Fire Hero Next Week

The Wu Lin will see a new recruit next week, as well as additional updates as part of the game’s Year 3 Season 4 content.

For Honor Analysis: Possible New Factions?

With the release of Marching Fire, For Honor made it clear that new factions were a possibility in this game. So the community has asked the question of what new factions could be added. In this video, I go over some of the most popular options and explain my feelings on why those would be good or bad, and whether or not I think they’d really be added. I also introduce MY hopeful faction to be added!

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Real Shaolin Disciple Reacts to Marching Fire Expansion (For Honor)

Check out my Reaction to the new For Honor: Marching Fire Expansion which adds four new playable Heroes inspired by Chinese Culture.

I felt compelled to do this especially because there is a “Shaolin Monk” character and I’m going to put him to the test. How authentic are his movements?

Please watch this video so you know why I feel like I have some authority to talk on this matter:

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All you need to know about the marching fire update in for honor releasing October 16th. There will be 4 new heroes from the wu lin faction, new breach gamemode, new coop gamemode, and a new graphic overhaul.
Shaolin, Tiandi, Jiang Jun, Nuxia are the heroes coming, Breach is the gamemode coming 🙂


Marching Fire Trailer:
Breach Trailer:
Breach Gameplay:
Warriors Den Livestream:
Hero Gameplay:

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For Honor – Jiang Jun Overview – New Heavy, Marching Fire DLC

A competitive third-person melee game mixing speed, strategy, and team play with visceral close range combat. The innovate Art of Battle system lets you feel the power of every strike, the strength of every impact, and the weight of the weapon in your hand.

The Chosen have survived a thousand years of wandering the southern deserts. The journey should have wiped them out centuries ago, but they survived thanks to the skills and focus of their great heroes. These Heroes hope to lead their people to an impossible victory and establish an new homeland.

Striking fear in the hearts of their enemies, the Warborn warriors sail across the Boiling Sea to raid the southern coast. Known for their fire and passion, these Heroes embody what it means to be warriors. Leading the charge, they will drive their enemies out of their ancestral lands.

On the shoulders of great heroes, the Legions have driven out invaders, conquered any who would not join them, and established hundred of others to defend what is theirs. Facing invasion on two fronts, these heroes fight to protect their lands from the heathens who would take it.

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For Honor – Jiang Jun Overview – New Heavy, Marching Fire DLC