Here’s Our First Look At The Bottom Of The Xbox Series X

We’ve seen the console, we know the price and release date, but what does the bottom look like?

Tekken 8 – State of Play Sep 2022 Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

�� Get ready! TEKKEN 8 is coming.


Xbox Series X Unboxing: The Next Next-Gen Console is Here! (First Impressions!)

First PS5 and now this? Join Steve as he unboxes the Xbox Series X and gives his impressions on the console, the new controller and reveals everything else in the package!


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The One Tool That Will Make You a Better Watchmaker

Today I am going to show you the one tool that will take your watch service and repair to another level.

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My Microscope Setup

✅ Amscope SM-3T Triocular 7x X 45x

✅0.5x Barlow Lens

✅LCD Ring Lite

✅ Opqpq 7” Digital Microscope

✅ Hayear Microscope Camera

✅0.35x Microscope Camera Adapter

Xbox Series X Initial Setup Dashboard and Gameplay

Xbox Series X Initial Setup, Startup, Dashboard, User Interface (UI), Main Functions and First Impressions Gameplay.

My Current Equipment:
Portable Monitor: (Amazon) or (TikTech)
More Details From TokGadget:
VPN: ; Use our coupon code: OPENSURPRISE at checkout.
Capture Card:
Shotgun Mic:
Main Mic:
Main PC:

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Thanks to Microsoft for providing the review copy.