Hoyle Casino 2004 Cheats For PC

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Hoyle Casino 2004/Casino Empire (PC) Background Music

All 7 tracks that play during gameplay in both games, not counting the unique themes that each stage has in the latter game. One of my favourite video game soundtracks, figured I should upload it since it’s nowhere else online to my knowledge.

Composer: Mike Caviezel

Track 1 – 0:00
Track 2 – 5:02
Track 3 – 10:31
Track 4 – 16:10
Track 5 – 19:21
Track 6 – 24:22
Track 7 – 28:34

Hoyle Casino Empire, Campaign Map #1, Buddy’s Casino

Hoyle Casino 2006 Part 1: Winning $42,000,000 – Full Gameplay Walkthrough Longplay

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Casino Game

This is the Casino PC Game by Hoyle.
A fun game I like to play on my computer.

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