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How to Unlock CLASSES FOR FREE in Trove! (Steam/PS4/Xbox One)

✎ Everything you need to know about FREE craftable classes in Trove. Grab yourself a Chaos Crafter and farm items to get any Trove class for free!
✍ Trove is a Free to Play open-world voxel MMORPG that I’ve been playing for years. Build worlds or farm dungeons, Trove is free, so try it out!

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In-Depth Guide for Beginners (Xbox One & PS4) ►
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How to Forge Stellar Gear ►
How Mastery Works ►
Neon Nightsky Wings Crafting Guide ►
How to Increase Performance in Trove (PC / Xbox One / PS4) ►
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How to Use the third “Crafting Inventory” ►
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Change These PS4 Settings NOW!

Change these PS4 Settings Now! I’m going to show you 16 different settings you need to change! These settings will give you a PS4 performance boost, unlock new PS4 features from the settings menu on any model of the PS4 & more!

Hey everyone, my name is Octorious and in this video, I show you 16 settings you need to change now on your PS4 for better performance, new features, and have an overall better experience on your PlayStation 4. Some of these settings will increase PS4 FPS and performance, whilst some will unlock new PS4 features and show you how to increase the PS4 controller battery life. What PS4 settings should you change? Watch this video to see which PS4 settings should you change to get the most out of your PlayStation 4 console, and see what the best PS4 settings are in 2022. If you want to know what PS4 settings should you change then make sure to keep watching all the way to end so you don’t miss any features, performance tips etc that this PS4 settings walkthrough and guide will inform you of. I hope this best PlayStation 4 settings guide helps you out! Remember to change these PlayStation 4 settings NOW! You don’t want to forget these PS4 settings you need to change! Some of these settings, such as the PS4 Boost Mode option are only available on the PS4 Pro.



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0:00 Why Should You Change These PS4 Settings?
0:14 Setting 1
0:41 Setting 2
1:01 Setting 3
1:16 Setting 4
1:36 Setting 5
1:50 Setting 6
2:03 Setting 7
2:22 Setting 8
2:42 Setting 9
2:54 Setting 10
3:08 Settings 11 & 12
3:38 Settings 13, 14 & 15
4:25 Setting 16

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��PC Specifications (Streams/Editing)
•CPU – Intel i7 6700k @3.40ghz base, 4 Cores, 8 Threads
•GPU – Nvidia Windforce GTX 1080TI
•Installed RAM – 16GB @2133MHZ
•MATX GA-H110M-S2H Motherboard

Thanks so much for watching (and reading this) and I’ll see you in my upcoming videos!

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Fallout 4 Unlimited Money Glitch Exploit – Infinite Bottle Caps Cheat (ps4 & xbox one)

fallout 4 money cheat to get unlimited bottle caps on your console for ps4 and xbox 1. This method is fast and easy and before you know it you will have infinite money (bottle caps) in fallout 4 with this exploit