Microsoft Reverses Xbox Live Gold Price Increase, Unlocks Free-To-Play Games For Everyone

Responding to an avalanche of negative feedback, Microsoft announces that Xbox Live Gold is NOT getting more expensive.

Microsoft Doubles The Price Of Xbox Live Gold, Then IMMEDIATELY Backtracks!

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Microsoft is increasing the prices of its Xbox Live Gold subscription soon or not! Let’s discuss!

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Microsoft Reverses Price Hike on Xbox Live Gold After Backlash

Microsoft has reversed their decision to increase the price of Xbox Live Gold following backlash.
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Xbox Live Gold Price Hike is Gross (Xbox have now reversed their decision!)

Update: Following the announcement, there has been a stunning reversal. Head here for more info!

Original Description: The rumours were swirling, and Microsoft today confirmed it – they’re raising the price for Xbox Live Gold. It’s a move that comes as a genuine surprise (and not a pleasant one), as previous rumours during the summer of 2020 were leading us and the rest of the industry to believe Microsoft would get rid of the service entirely.

Written By: Pieter “Suikerbrood” Jasper
Video Edited & Narrated By: Jon “Sikamikanico” Clarke

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Xbox Live Gold Price Hike Reversal | Xbox Free to Play Changes – The Xbox Two #158

The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week the guys will be talking about the Xbox Live Gold Price increase and how that affects the Xbox Series X, Ninja Theory’s Project Mara impresses, Resident Evil VIII thoughts and so much more!

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